Adult Program

Many people struggle in their treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, or co-occurring disorders while dealing with painful emotions and conflict. It is common for people to feel they are isolated in their suffering and fears or state of hopelessness.  Our program allows clients to immerse themselves in a small, intensive and structured group setting. 

Clients who join our groups will realize they are not alone, as they may have feared their entire lives.  Clients will gradually become more comfortable expressing themselves in the group, thereby gaining a sense of belonging.  In addition to benefitting from the social dynamic of group therapy, clients will be exposed to a range of clinical perspectives and will learn a variety of skills to help with their painful emotions and fears as they surface. Our goal is to provide a long-term path to stability rather than a short relief. Our program uses proven treatment modalities, but we don’t stop at symptom relief.  We work to uncover the underlying sources of pain.