The more opportunities we are given to learn, the more capacity we have to acquire knowledge.

Education is not preparation for life. Learning should be a constant throughout our lives. As we continue to learn, we can continue to produce positive changes for ourselves and those around us. At Balance we understand that learning contributes to mental well-being and slows the brain’s aging process. We help our clients tackle the obstacles they face so they can become positive and productive members in their families and communities.

We work with our clients so they can discover, refine, and apply intelligence and character. We want our clients to be capable and to take responsibility for their healing by proactively engaging in their own research and development, by building strategies for competence, mastery and self-empowerment.

We provide the tools and guidance necessary for continued growth and vocational services. We are able to assist with tutoring services or online classes, as well as finding resources and direction to enter or finish college or find jobs. Balance works directly with schools in meeting requirements to bridge the gap between probation and successful completion. We will work together to identify any learning issues or educational needs and to empower our clients to create and pursue their goals.