The treatment philosophy at Balance includes an in-depth look at four areas of a person’s life

and while trying to uncover the core sources of each person’s struggle, we emphasize the importance of gaining and holding balance in these areas: Emotional, Social, Physical and Education.


Emotional Component to Healing

Many people avoid expressing unpleasant emotions for fear of finding personal dark places and psychological distress. Feelings of anger, sadness, fear, panic and shame can be overbearing, and positive efforts to conquer them can seem out of reach. At Balance, we believe emotional well-being is a key component on the path to growth and a fulfilling life.

Emotional stability helps us to think clearly and behave in a productive way, and it keeps us safe and free from self-harm. As humans it is extremely difficult to make changes in our experiences of emotion. At Balance, we work with clients to make changes through thought patterns, behavior patterns or through appropriate medication stabilization.

Clients will participate in a variety of treatment methods such as insight-oriented psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, or EMDR to address emotional health and regulation.  Our team will work together to identify our clients’ emotional conflicts and will use therapeutic activities to help clients deal with painful emotions and anxiety.

Our goal at Balance is to work with clients on releasing debilitating emotions and false self-beliefs so they can live and work better in stable, rewarding personal and professional relationships.