Jenny Rogge
"We help clients better understand themselves as individuals and how they function in the world

Our intensive group therapy approach is designed to identify and address underlying feelings and core beliefs. The treatment we build for everyone here is individualized, and we work to create an environment where clients feel safe and want to come back to do the work."

JENNY ROGGE, IOP Program Director


General information

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are for anyone who may benefit from a stronger source of support and structure in their path toward growth. This type of treatment can serve as a form of aftercare following inpatient or partial hospitalization or as an option for those who find that individual psychotherapy alone is not an adequate source of support for addressing their concerns. Our programs provide structure, support and guidance while allowing clients to remain active in their lives by maintaining daily routines such as work or school.

We work with people who suffer from a broad range of mental health struggles such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, gender and sexual identity issues, oppositional defiance, and comorbid substance abuse challenges.

Value of Group Therapy

To many, the idea of group therapy may sound scary. Most clients express this fear in the beginning. At Balance, we recognize that it is often scary to try something new. Our therapists provide a safe environment, meeting clients where they are, so that they have the opportunity to experience the powerful support from working in a group.

Group therapy is not, as some may imagine, simply psychotherapy conducted with a group of people rather than with an individual.  While the therapist leading the group is essential in providing safety, encouragement and education, the group itself plays an equally important role in reflecting destructive beliefs and overcoming such negative beliefs through connection and empowerment by peers.

Group therapy is a microcosm of the social environment that we, as people, inhabit in everyday life.  By providing our clients with the opportunity to operate in a group setting as they would in their daily lives, we reveal blind spots, which ultimately enables change, healthy social habits, opportunities to grow and to create and pursue goals.