Gali Gill, Clinical Director

The treatment team and most importantly the client to answer important questions most people have about their behavior, their abilities, and their struggles.  It is a unique tool that can enhance treatment, answer previously unanswered questions about the self, and provide personalized solutions and recommendations."

Gali Gill, Ph.D., Clinical Director



If you have been referred to psychological testing, you probably have some questions about what it is and how it can help you.  You may have wondered if you or someone you know might benefit from a testing battery.  Balance Treatment Center’s testing program is available to our clients as well as to people who are not enrolled in our other programs. 

Psychological and Neuropsychological evaluations utilize standardized tests, or other assessment tools in order to measure and observe a client’s abilities and behaviors across a wide range of domains.  Specialized testing can assist in understanding a person’s cognitive or intellectual functioning, executive functioning and attention, motor and perceptual functioning, learning, language, memory, and emotional and personality functioning.  Testing can also help us understand what is the nature of change in these abilities following mental illness, substance use, head injuries and trauma. 

Psychologists use testing or assessment in order to help answer diagnostic questions, clarify diagnosis, develop treatment plans, and provide individualized recommendations based on the findings in order to promote solutions that are based on individualized strengths and weaknesses revealed through testing.