Jeff Bernal, Director of Operations
"We all have someone in our lives that is affected by mental health problems

I knew that I wanted to be a part of a system that does good for humanity. Making a living while making real change for good. Working amongst people that feel the same way about their work is often an unrecognized benefit. Working with people who are passionate about contributing positivity to the universe is an incredible luxury. We are on this beautiful blue-green sphere for a finite amount of time. How we spend it says a lot about who we are. I need to know I'm spending it spreading love, joy, and positivity into the universe. I believe it matters. Balance is a perfect vehicle for people like me to give good in life."



Information About License

Balance Treatment Center is fully licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services.  The Department of Health Care Services ensures that our program maintains a level of excellence and is in compliance with all state regulations and statutes related to our facility license.  We are licensed as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Center or an MHRC.  Balance operates the only residential six-bed MHRC in the state of California.