Physical Component to Healing

Physical health plays a key role in our overall health. Physical wellness includes regular physical activity along with a healthy, balanced and effective nutrition program.


Regular activity gives us the benefit not only of improving physical health but also of enhancing our emotional, social and intellectual health. Regular physical activity can help keep thinking, learning and judgment skills sharp. It can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety and improve sleep. Physical activity can also provide a social benefit through group activities and team building.

We stress the importance of being physically active and provide clients with appropriate activities. At our residential center clients have a daily routine filled with a variety of activities designed for the body and the mind combined. We want to help clients find activities they enjoy and will be more likely to continue. Finding and fitting activities into a routine can be essential to overall health progress and goals.


Eating foods with essential nutrients is a natural step to building and maintaining our mental health. A balanced and appropriate diet helps to create mental clarity and focus. At our residential center, we prepare a seasonal menu to offer foods when they have their highest level of nutrients. We use locally grown produce from nearby farms at the height of the natural growing season to optimize the nutritional value of the foods served at the house. Clients will be able to harvest produce from local farms and directly from the gardens at our residential center. Our talented culinary team will work with clients in learning to prepare their own healthy meals. We express the importance of continued healthy eating and offer consultations with our dietician to help assess individual dietary needs.