Alumni Quote - Substance Abuse Treatment
"I used to say I felt empty.

After my time here, I can say that while I might still need time to discover myself I’ve never been more comfortable with who I am. I will carry my experience here with me for the rest of my life."

Alumni Quote



Most programs for the treatment of substance abuse are geared toward helping people cope. That approach leaves people with the feeling that they are still flawed or broken, and their way out is to accept that and find ways to endure.  We are attempting to go beyond that and actually make a change. People don’t have to feel that they have failed and can only seek to find a means of dealing with that failure. Humans can go further. As long as people are alive, there is a possibility to change. 

At Balance, we look at why people use substances. Understandably, people have strong feelings, ideas and filters that vary to a large degree when it comes to addiction and how it is treated. The industry has over 50 different definitions for abuse and addiction, and there are a number of different treatment models practiced.

Balance views substance use as a continuum ranging from using to addiction. Many treatment programs are geared toward the far end of that continuum. This neglects millions of people that fall in between, and often struggle to find their place in such programs. At Balance, we work to find the obstacles that are behind the beliefs people are holding perpetuating the idea that they can never change and leading to anxiety, depression and beyond. Uncovering these faulty, and often long-held beliefs, can finally end the recurring cycles of substance abuse.


Substance Abuse is a pattern of overindulgent and recurrent usage of a substance which leads to harmful physical and mental consequences. Individuals who abuse substances may experience repeated failures to fulfill roles for which they are responsible, legal difficulties, or social and interpersonal problems. Individuals suffering from addiction may have an inability to concentrate in school or at work, and an overall suspension of life activities. Lying, cheating and stealing are often indicative of substance use. What is especially concerning is a loss of passion and a lack of interest in the future - sacrificing life goals in favor of drug or alcohol use.

At Balance, we focus on underlying issues, individualized treatment, identifying motivations larger than the addiction, and taking action and control of your life.

To understand addiction it is important to address and treat the various psychological issues that create the desire to use. Issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, grief and trauma all play major roles in understanding addiction. In order to begin the healing process, Balance believes that these issues must be fully explored and properly addressed.