Antonio Martinez Contreras
״I believe the work we do here at Balance is very important.

We help people take down walls, rebuild, rethink and better construct their lives. I experience Balance through eyes of the kitchen, feeding bodies and minds with delicious dishes and warm thoughts. I always loved to cook and bake. It has brought me so much joy. And I was always drawn to what made us tick as humans. I knew I wanted to help people know they weren't alone. I am involved in two things that I am very passionate about... what more could I ask for?״


We Are Pleased To Be Included In

Psychology Today's 2016

"Balance programs are the standard-bearer for quality, comprehensive mental health care"

Psychology Today's 2015

“Balance Treatment Center is a luxurious mental health rehabilitation center offering the most comprehensive program for those who struggling with mental health issues or co-occurring disorders”.

Psychology Today's 2014

“With one of the most intensive treatment schedules offered in residential care, clients at Balance receive 40-50 treatment hours per week”