Gali Gill, Clinical Director
“Psychological testing allows the family,

the treatment team and most importantly the client to answer important questions most people have about their behavior, their abilities, and their struggles.  It is a unique tool that can enhance treatment, answer previously unanswered questions about the self, and provide personalized solutions and recommendations.”

Gali Gill, Ph.D., Clinical Director


Why Would You Benefit From Testing?

Assessments are comprehensive and individualized with you in mind.  When developing a testing plan we take into consideration your medical history, psychosocial history, developmental history, psychiatric history, treatment history, educational history, as well as reported strengths and weaknesses in order to develop testing questions that will provide you with answers to questions that may have been disturbing you.

We will try to answer the questions in a collaborative form so that we can find solutions and reach individualized recommendations that will help you advocate for yourself in new ways, to make sure your specific needs are met.