Socialization is a fundamental part of being human. To be social is to live in community, rather than in isolation. At Balance, we recognize that conversations and relationships are a vital part of socialization. Even the smallest social ties can contribute to personal well-being.

The process of group therapy can be a very powerful social component to the healing process. Within the group setting, our therapists and clients are able to have open discussions around client struggles. The group acts as a model, and clients’ interactions will reflect how they are likely to be experienced outside of our treatment program. In a safe environment with our skilled and compassionate clinicians, clients will be able to process their thoughts, feelings and interactions. They will receive therapeutic feedback to help practice relating to others in a safe and healing place.

Families have a strong impact on our social experience.  In our programs, clients will have the opportunity to visit with family for social support.  Not only will families work together in a multi-family group setting, but also each client’s individual therapist will be available to provide family therapy as needed during their treatment program. This can be done in person, by phone, or by video conference.

Our social experience as humans expands beyond our immediate circles into our communities.  With therapist approvals, our residential clients will be able to attend supervised outings such as trips to the movies, museums, or various recreational activities. These activities will increase social skills, confidence, and a sense of responsibility preparing our clients for a return to their own community after leaving our program.