About the Balance Treatment Center

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“Our goal is to facilitate that change. We don’t want to stop with simply helping someone cope with their mental illness or addiction. We want to help them modify or completely erase the underlying faulty beliefs that are contributing to their struggles. If we stop solely with coping, it leaves open the possibility for the person to experience one wrong step or a change in stressors that upsets the equilibrium, the balance. The result may be the reemergence of the same day-to-day struggles. Each time it is likely to feel worse, as the individual is disappointed and discouraged that his or her previous efforts were ineffective.

Our treatment programs are different. We are attacking the infrastructure on which the conflict, psychological problem or mental illness is based. This is done in a secure, protected and safe environment with our highly trained and experienced team. In essence, we go deep-sea fishing for the faulty foundations of people’s struggles, most of which have been present all their lives. When you ask a person, “How long have you had this problem?” the most common answer is, ‘forever’. People know in their hearts and minds what is there. They just may not know why or what to do about it.

Our approach can cause real and lasting change. It is dependent on the individuals, but anyone who is motivated and does the work can make major changes in their lives.”


Our Mission Statement

At Balance Treatment Center, our mission is to improve the lives of individuals, their families and members of their larger communities by addressing the issues that are preventing growth. We join together with ardent efforts to foster an environment, provide the support, encourage the drive, teach the ability, and remove the obstacles for every individual to create and pursue goals.

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We seek to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness to expose the possibility of transformation. We do not believe that one method treats all. We believe in a balanced approach to treatment, equally building and strengthening four essential elements of self: the emotional, the social, the educational, and the physical.

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We value a strong and passionate team, able to share their diverse contributions. We support an environment for growth that is inspiring, warm, collaborative, ethical, and professional. We strive to provide our team a chance to learn, a chance to teach, a chance to listen, a chance to serve, a chance to work for, and to witness victories.

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