5 Ways Our Mental Health Treatment Programs are Different

What Distinguishes Our Programs?


Integrity is a core value against which we measure everything we do. At Balance, our quality of care and our clinical and operational level of excellence are of utmost importance. We work passionately to go above and beyond at every opportunity. We do not cut corners. We operate with consistency, persistence and strength of character.


We believe our clients are more than their diagnosis. We look for what is getting in the way of growth. We believe everyone has the capacity to change. We look at the whole of each person’s experience to understand who they are and what is causing them pain. We dig deep with our clients so that we can help them create real and lasting change.


We use a collaborative approach. Working together strengthens our efforts. At Balance, we believe it is important to work together to help people and families grow. By engaging with one another, we can offer a stronger hand in providing care. Family members, significant others and outpatient providers are included in the treatment and discharge process with the client’s consent. Not only will this will help to determine the appropriate treatment, education and ongoing support; but by expanding the support system, it will also help us reach more people and remove the stigma of mental illness.


We keep our group size small which allows sincere individualized treatment. As humans, we all have unique experiences and struggles. Therefore, we understand that treatment for mental health should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team works together daily to build, adjust and adapt each person’s treatment experience. We have the flexibility to create very different programs for each client. We believe it is both important and powerful to involve clients in the development of their own program – to help create their own plan for growth.


We stick with people and we don’t stop at symptom relief. We have successfully treated clients with long histories of mental health and substance abuse problems who have cycled in and out of programs and treatment over many years. We believe this success comes from our treatment philosophy, which addresses underlying core conflicts. Our programs go beyond symptom relief; our programs are fundamentally designed to help clients reevaluate and establish their foundation. This approach allows us to treat clients with a wide variety of diagnoses and struggles.

balance treatment jennifer

I know it’s scary. I don’t want anyone to be frightened walking through our doors. I want them to feel welcomed and know that we are here to help. I want to make a difference for families. Life is hard at times, but it is also very beautiful. Sometimes what we find in our darkest moments can be the greatest reward. Everyone’s life matters. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. That is why I am so passionate about being a part of this work”