You Can Live A Happy, Productive Life


How Balance is Different

At Balance Treatment Center, we strongly believe that our clients are more than their diagnoses. When we work with clients, we go beyond the diagnosis and the symptoms and act to learn who they are and what is preventing their growth.

While the diagnosis is important in providing answers, communicating with professionals, and helping to provide relief, it has been our experience that this relief can be temporary. At Balance, we look at the whole person and try to investigate and understand the underlying conflicts causing dysregulation, pain, and psychological suffering in our clients and their families. We believe that if we focus solely on the symptoms, we will inhibit a client’s growth trajectory. Our mission at Balance is to help everyone grow by removing the obstacles so that they can create and pursue goals.


Mental health is a state of well-being in which we are able to experience such things as satisfaction, hopefulness, optimism, peace, purpose, self-worth, and positive relationships. It is a state in which we are able to cope with the normal stress from life. It is a state in which we are able to live productively and make contributions to our communities.


Mental illness is more widespread than you might guess. Almost 1 in 5 Americans struggles with some form of mental illness, which is why the availability of proper care and treatment is so important. At Balance, we want to help remove the stigma surrounding mental illness so that people are able and comfortable reaching out for the help they need.

balance treatment alumni

”I came to Balance broken, miserable, and hopeless. Through many hours of one on one therapy, group therapy, and bonding with other clients, I became a new person, not even as good as my old self, but better. I am leaving Balance optimistic, and hopeful. I know I will still need to work on myself, but Balance restored a solid foundation for me.“