Most people treating psychosis are afraid to approach the unconscious in a person experiencing psychotic symptoms. We initially work on stabilizing the psychosis in terms of the active positive symptoms with the least amount of medication. Once that is established, we work to trace the origin of these positive symptoms (i.e. hallucinations, delusions, intrusive thoughts) and help the client identify their own unconscious conflicts contributing to the development of the psychosis. We are not afraid to pursue a psychotic symptom in order to trace the original conflict associated with the psychosis. Doing this work for many years, we have found that the psychosis has origins and is often a response or a solution that our clients have developed to help themselves when they feel overwhelmed with their thoughts and feelings. Once we work on alleviating the original thought and feeling and stabilize the medication, we find that the psychosis diminishes. Whereas other treatments only aim to contain the psychotic symptoms, we are trying to make changes to the underlying belief system. With our treatment approach, we can create change.